The types of services provided by EAI include:

Environmental Impact Reports and Statements

As a result of public concerns about the permitting of poorly planned and environmentally insensitive projects, the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and state requirements, such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) were passed. There are also numerous international controls, such as those fostered by the United Nations. These Acts require extensive review of the environmental impacts which may be associated with projects in order to ensure that such projects are not developed at the expense of the environment.

Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) are the major documents required under the CEQA permitting process for almost all major industrial, commercial and residential projects in California. Other states have similar requirements. Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) are the U.S. Federal equivalent and are required under NEPA for projects in areas under federal jurisdiction. EIRs/EISs must be thoroughly researched and carefully written in order to provide essential information and to ensure compliance with the requirements of CEQA/NEPA.

Environmental Audit, Inc. has extensive experience in the preparation and presentation of EIRs/EISs. Environmental Audit, Inc. has worked closely with local, regional, state, and federal regulatory agencies in the preparation of over 250 EIRs/EISs. With a broad background in planning, management, and the sciences, Environmental Audit, Inc. has the ability to review, conduct and analyze the necessary pertinent studies.

Environmental Audit, Inc. uses all available data to prepare an EIS/EIR to meet the requirements of NEPA and related state statutes. These requirements include a description of the proposed project, establishment of the environmental setting in which the project will be situated, analysis of the impacts associated with the project, discussion of any mitigations which may be incorporated into the project to minimize or reduce such impacts, and analysis of alternatives to the proposed project.

Environmental Audit, Inc. works closely with the various regulatory agencies which may require EIRs/EISs for projects within their jurisdictions. For example, for California, these agencies include cities such as Los Angeles, Camarillo, Monrovia and Fullerton, counties such as Kern, Los Angeles and Orange, regional agencies such as the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, state agencies such as the California Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board, the California Solid Waste Management Board, the California Department of Fish and Game, and federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Land Management, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Environmental Audit, Inc. is prepared to work closely with interested project proponents to prepare accurate, balanced EIRs/EISs and to help ensure that their projects successfully pass through the CEQA/NEPA review process.

Environmental Audit, Inc. has prepared EIRs/EISs and related CEQA documents for a wide variety of facilities including the following: