The types of services provided by EAI include:

Health Risk Assessments

Health risk assessment and management issues have become increasingly important and controversial, particularly with respect to hazardous materials and air contaminants. Under pressure from concerned citizens and public interest groups, new health risk assessment and management regulations and requirements are being established by many national, regional, and international environmental regulatory agencies. Efforts are being undertaken in many countries to determine the levels of health risk associated with various current and proposed activities, projects, and alternatives. The information being gathered through health risk assessments is being utilized by public health agencies to determine whether the health risks associated with these various endeavors are "acceptable" or "unacceptable" from a public health policy perspective. The issue of health risks has become the deciding factor with respect to approval or denial for many projects.

Risk assessments are usually performed to determine the health impacts, both carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic, to the population exposed to the health risks. This exposure may occur via inhalation, ingestion, and/or dermal absorption of contaminants. The potential magnitude of the health impacts is directly related to the level of exposure to contaminants.

Environmental Audit, Inc. believes that health risk assessments will become increasingly more important in the decisions by environmental regulatory agencies to approve or deny current and future hazardous waste management projects. Environmental Audit, Inc. has worked closely with industry and local, state, national, and international environmental regulatory agencies to prepare health risk assessments for a variety of waste management projects. Many of our projects have received approval following completion and submittal of the health risk assessment. In order to maintain its lead in this important field, Environmental Audit, Inc. monitors local, state, national, and international rules, guidelines, and research on health risk assessment issues.

HRAs have also become important in determining the appropriate clean up levels for contaminated sites. Many regulatory agencies are allowing the preparation of HRAs to determine the appropriate clean up levels for contaminated sites based on site-specific conditions. These types of HRAs generally allow for the remediation of sites to more realistic levels while still protecting public health.

Environmental Audit, Inc. has successfully completed health risk assessments for major hazardous waste incineration projects, petroleum refinery expansions, marine terminals, paint manufacturers, chrome plating facilities, defense contractors, vehicle manufacturers, secondary lead smelters, battery manufacturing facilities, and transportable hazardous waste treatment units. These HRAs have been prepared for compliance with California's AB2588 "Toxic Hot Spots" regulations, compliance with local air quality rules and regulations, to determine appropriate clean-up levels, and to determine the level of impacts for new/modified projects and facilities. Environmental Audit, Inc. has developed computerized software programs to aid in the efficient and accurate preparation of these health risk assessments, and looks forward to working with interested firms and agencies in the preparation of assessments for a wide variety of projects.